The One Who Got Away

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We all have a lost love, a forgotten romance, a missed connection.
What would you say to the one who got away?

Call 718-395-7556 and leave a message.

The One Who Got Away  is a podcast by Oliver Blank featuring you. In 2014, with the help of PBS Digital's The Art Assignment, Oliver shared a phone-number with the world. Callers were asked a single question, “What would you say to the one who got away?” This short question taps into something all of us share: we all have someone or something that got away from us.

I made my call to the one who got away. It was a lot more emotional than I expected it to be. It was like poking at a cut that had just started healing. I think I just got good at ignoring the pain.

To date, thousands of people from all over the world have called the number and left their own messages for the one who got away. These messages reveal the spectrum and commonality of human emotion. The resentment of rejected lovers. Sweet streams of consciousness remembering an old friend. Playful anecdotes capturing a moment lost in time and preserved in memory.

All calls are anonymous and anybody can take part by calling +1-718-395-7556.

The show is available to listen and subscribe on all major podcast providers, including iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher.

Before You Call
All calls are anonymous. By leaving a message you agree for your recording to be used for The One Who Got Away project (both podcasts and future projects in other mediums). There is no payment or compensation for leaving a message and Oliver won't be able to notify you if your message is featured on the podcast or related works. If you have questions or would like further information, get in touch.