Confessional Music

Play this right before dawn breaks or the sun sets. This is transitional music of the highest order, the logical extension of Eno or Basinksi, where music is not simply a distraction or entertainment but a form of meditation, a focusing agent. Mr. Blank crafts a soundtrack that sounds positively primal like something buried in childhood memory or half-remembered in old age; a blurry melody that gently pulls you out of standard time and leaves you with nothing but your thoughts.
— James A. Reeves

Commissioned by artist Candy Chang, this 45 minute ambient soundtrack was composed to accompany a project called Confessions at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

The soundtrack, Confessional Music, includes sounds that bring comfort to both Oliver and Candy: an old Finnish coffee machine, secluded hotel rooms, the voice of a loved one, distant chimes singing in the wind. The end result is something special, a deep ambience that draws you in and slows you down, setting the tone for a moment of peace and perspective.

Confessional Music includes the following sounds made available through Creative Commons licenses: R09_0031-Garden Chimes – 1.mp3 by monterey2000, wind chimes.wav by offthesky, R09_0032-Garden Chimes -2.mp3 by monterey2000, CreepyWhispering_home_Feb2012.aif by jgeralyn, Dutch whisper praying Roman Catholic.wav by klankbeeld.